The Interior Edge

The Interior Edge is built on the unique design abilities of Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D.  These abilities are both learned and intrinsic. Many years of design training, worldwide travel, and self development inform Joanne’s designs.  However, the magical quality that makes her designs truly distinctive is her innate understanding of people and her fluent translation of emotion and thought in to visual design.  This ability to know the vibration that is you, to feel your desires for comfort, lifestyle, transition, etc. and to translate them into a design far greater than you could have ever imagined is the very core of her artistic expression.

Ms. Riley leads this company in every sense.  She has a wonderfully supportive team with whom she creates and delivers your design.  Everyone on the team is intelligent and perceptive while bringing their own unique talent to the project.  We know that your space can enhance your life experience, and we make the process easy and fun!

Our philosophy is that this world is a reflection, an outpouring, if you will, of each individual’s expression of body, mind and soul. To truly design from the soul, both the client and the designer become open to the field of possibilities.

It is a compassionate, heart-driven experience. Our clients are ready to expand to an experience where home life is not only supportive, but also a celebration of a life worth living. So together we explore the possibilities, inform the ideas with hard scientific data, and add the art of inspired design. The process offered by The Interior Edge is similar to that of a butterfly in the chrysalis, during which thoughts change, feelings change, DNA changes and the interior design to which you are now perfectly matched is created and executed; brought into fully manifested reality.

Our services are comprehensive.  We take care of every detail that contributes to the successful  actualization of the design.

Services include: All phases of interior design, implementation of the design, follow through with every detail. We have many vehicles to enhance, help and clarify your design experience. Examples of tools: virtual 3D plans to “walk” through your home before it is even built, renderings in a variety of options, drafting, etc.  We work with some of the best, most prestigious artisans from around the world.

Client Testimonials

  • “The Interior Edge is a firm that had the ability to combine my ideas with their expression and create a truly eloquent living experience.”
    Michael M.
  • “Working with Joanne Riley and The Interior Edge was an amazing experience ... “I'd like to say that it was a pleasure working with her. Highly recommended!”
    Carole G.
  • “From dull, drab and tired to stunning! Incredible vision and passion. [Able] to translate concepts into reality ... We love the end result ...”
    J. Gregory
  • “Working with Joanne Riley and The Interior Edge was an amazing experience ... She is an incredibly talented interior decorator”
    Rise Gluck
  • “Elegant, sophisticated, professional, experienced, service extraordinaire, and fun. I have been totally satisfied with the expertise and service I have received as a client.”
    M. Beebee

Interior Design Services

Custom Design

We listen and hear to you: Translating your  feelings and vision of the future to a tangible environment in which you are fully nurtured to grow, flourish, relax and breathe. We’ll take down walls and erect new ones, design and build custom furniture, and use innovative visual tools to help stir your imagination.

The Perfect Materials

Subtle and elegant or modern and chic. We have looked all over the world to uncover the finest materials for your design; lavish tiles, hand-woven silks, acoustic walls, cutting edge lighting technology or eco-friendly wallpaper. We understand the vibrational importance of artwork, gem stones, scents and sounds.  Every detail deserves the spotlight.

Beyond Expectation

Each design is a unique collaboration between our team and our client. The result is an environment that expresses the core values of our client in every aspect. From our initial meeting to the finishing touch, we strive to make your transition rewarding, stress free, and embodying luxury beyond your expectation.