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THE INTERIOR EDGE was founded by Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D. is and has been dedicated to luxury beyond expectation since 1990. Ms. Riley’s design career was born with the knowledge that everyone has a deep yearning for a great place to live, work, and play. She focuses on the idea that in addition to our everyday environments being beautiful and inspiring, our lifestyle design should support our health, enhance our love of life and help to realize all our dreams. She knows exactly how to get at the essence of your innermost lifestyle dreams and how to bring them to life.  


Meet Your Designer


Joanne Riley is an award-winning member of ASID, who’s passion is designing environments that support her clients comfort, growth, and excitement.

Ms. Riley’s work is distinguished by an ability to understand, respect and embrace her clients’ needs, values and dreams. She believes deeply that interior design is the creation of an environment in which an individual can live and thrive in comfort, security and inspiration, balancing physical, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual needs. Ms. Riley listens carefully and intuitively to each client and employs state-of-the-art visualization tools to arrive at designs which are stunning in their creativity, superior in their functionality, and as unique as each individual or organization with whom she works.


E: jriley@interioredge.com
P: (212) 560-0355

Published Work

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Colorfulness (International Chinese Publication)
New England Home (8 page spread)
New England Home (West Hartford, CT)
New York Spaces
New York Press
Women’s Day
Connecticut Magazine
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Icon (ASID Industry publication Cover)
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Hartford Courant (7 Major Articles & 2 Features)

“Writing for Interior Design” By Patricia Eakins (book)